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Study Thai with our Brisbane – Chiang Mai School, Chiang Mai ,Thailand ( The cheapest Thai course in Chiang Mai )

This program that we provide is an approved 760 hour course over 6-14  months (ED-Visa) approved by the Ministry of Thai Education. This further study will give you a thorough understanding of the Thai language and culture. Lessons are based upon one to one sessions. Each session taking  2 hours ( 4-5 Days/ Week). Your lessons are at our school. You have the opportunity to expand your skills in a comfortable environment here in our Brisbane Chiang Mai Language School.

Lesson plans are designed to meet the individual needs of the student, with a focus upon the criteria that each student has set as their goal to learn Thai. Our teachers’ experience has been to work only with one student at a time, thus ensuring that quality learning outcomes are achieved in your lessons.

For more information please contact us or phone to make an appointment to come to visit us here in the office and discuss your personal needs: International students contacting us from abroad – please note that your application can be processed here and then sent to you for your application at your local Thai Embassy.

Guidelines for conditions relevant to your Ed Visa application
Students must be over 18 years of age to be approved for an Ed Visa in Thailand.

-Must have graduated minimum grade 9 of your country – proof of education level may be required. University graduates are asked to provide a copy of their information for their application.

-People with hearing and speech difficulties will not be approved for an Ed Visa – in language Schools. Conditions may be different for application to a University.

-No drug or alcohol addiction problems – students who come to lessons drunk or under the effect of illegal drugs will be removed from the lesson and their Ed visa cancelled, our obligation is to inform immigration immediately. Students will be asked to leave the country as they do not then have a valid visa.

-People with a criminal history or pending criminal charges may not be approved for an Ed Visa, a criminal check may need to be provided by each applicant for their application for an Ed Visa

-If applying within Thailand – applicants need to have a current visa (tourist)- with at least 21 days left as this is the processing time within Thailand for application documents.

-All applicants must be a foreigner

-Passports must have at least one-year valid time, less than this amount of time, applications will be declined


Applying for Ed Visa
All applications for an Ed visa must be done outside of Thailand, if you come to Thailand to apply for an Ed Visa, you will have to go to a neighbouring country to make your application – please note that the processing time in Thailand for your application package may take up to three weeks – 21 days to prepare, then you take it to an Embassy outside of Thailand – a minimum of two days processing at the Embassy.

Please check the requirements for your country – listed on Thai Embassy web pages are conditions related to different countries, you need to make sure that the information for your country allows Ed Visas for your nationality, and what the conditions are in regard to your application.

Please note that full payment for your course needs to be paid in advance of receiving your visa application package. Thai Consulates require the proof of payment with your application before processing and granting your Ed Visa. We will process your payment and attach an official receipt to your application, along with the other documents required. Please talk to our office staff for further information. If for some reason your application is not approved by the Thai Embassy, and you have shown proof of decline to our office, we will refund your money in full. No refunds after your course starts.

Attendance at lessons
Compulsory attendance at the class you are registered to attend – a register is kept of attendance

Each three months students need to attend Immigration for extension of their Ed Visa – a letter of attendance is provided by the school for this extension – if you fail to attend lessons the school will not provide the three-month extension application letter, and students visas will be cancelled.

Medical certificates will be accepted for absences of more than one-day absence.

There will be three extensions with immigration over the course of your one year Ed visa every three months after receiving your initial Ed Visa – it is the students’ responsibility to undertake this immigration check-in.

If you need to leave the country for some reason during your study period – talk to the office at least three weeks – this is essential. If you leave the country – your Ed Visa may not be valid upon your return to the country.

It is advised that all applicants have private health cover whilst in Thailand – medical costs are not cheap.

Refund Policy

Please note that there is no refund after the receipt of an Ed Visa, or the student commences studies. If you cancel your course after receipt of your Ed Visa – but have not commenced lessons, possible refunds will depend upon reasons for cancellation – not more than 50% may be returned if full payment has been made. If you had only paid a 50% deposit – this will not be refunded, also note that your Ed visa will not be valid after cancellation – and the school is required to notify Immigration. Travel delays and arrival time delays from foreign countries will be taken into consideration for the commencement of your course, please ensure a timely notice to our administration –  sickness, or injury issues will be on an individual basis based upon evidence provided to the School administration. 


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