Business English

Our Business English course here at Brisbane Chiang Mai Language School is ideal if you want to learn practical business English you can use in the workplace and business situations. This is an intensive course which aims for fast progression and a significant improvement in your communication skills and vocabulary.

Course Offerings

For Individuals

30 Hours

Our Business English course has been designed for graduates, business professionals, mature students and ambitious learners who would prefer to learn English in smaller groups, creating a more focused learning environment. Those who are studying business, preparing for an MBA or are getting ready for a new job in a business sector may find this English for business programme more beneficial than a standard General English course.

600 Baht/Hour

For Groups

30 Hours

This course is perfect if you want to significantly improve your English in a concentrated environment. You will be part of a small class of just 4-6 students, meaning that there is more teacher/student focus, and you will have a greater level of personal attention in class. The course can be tailored to suit your needs, meaning that you should be able to progress quickly and effectively.

200-350 Baht/Hour/Person


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